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Helen Fay

For many years Helen's work has been about the beauty, dignity and character of animals . The poise and movement of animals, their behaviour and nature is an area she finds endlessly fascinating. Helen likes to think of them observing the world as she is observing them and then try to deduce what it is that they rely on to navigate their way through life. Whether it is the curiosity of a primate or the heightened senses of a hound, each and every creature has unique adaptations and behaviours, skills and strengths and these are what she tries to convey in her work. 

"At the moment I am focussing on how animals are intertwined with our domestic and family life. I want to capture moments such as a dog flopped on a chair after a long walk or watching the world whilst their owner stops for a coffee or a lazy old cat sunning itself, content in it's old age. More intimate and everyday than dramatic subjects. I hope to capture these small moments that surround us when we have animals in our life."

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