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Simone Riley

Simone is a digital photomontage artist, using her own digital photographs to create digital collages in the form of 'original prints.' Some of her images are available as limited editions and some are available as unique one off pieces. Regardless of the chosen medium or subject matter, her work involves a combination of textures, layers and subtle colours. She particularly likes incorporating photographs of old worn and decaying surfaces to create something visually appealing from things that are not usually perceived as being conventionally beautiful or attractive. She has developed her own style and technique, aiming to produce atmospheric pieces with depth and subtlety that blur the boundaries and form new relationships between the genres of photography, fine art and printmaking.

Simone's work has been exhibited at the RA Summer Exhibition and the RE: Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, Bankside Gallery in London, as well as a variety of galleries, exhibitions and venues across East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent.