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Midori Takaki

When she was a child in Japan Midori thought she would become a writer. Her head was full of imagination, memories, feelings, thoughts and stories. Once in a while, they overtook her daily life. It wasn't always easy for a child to live in the real world and her own world at the same time, especially as all her imagination, memories etc. just floated around in her head, like clouds in the sky. She didn't know what to do with them.

Now she captures the floating thoughts in ceramics. Once they are given shapes, they become grounded. Midori creates something small, almost daily at night. She calls them her journal. She is writing in ceramics. By doing that, she files the information, which is, otherwise, difficult to classify, in drawers in her brain. She could bring every nuance and detail of her memories, stories, emotion and thoughts back to life vividly when she sees each sculpture.

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