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Carys Davies

Carys throws porcelain pots on the wheel. The clay has a personality of its own, sometimes cooperative, sometimes not, and will go its own way as it fires too. She likes to have smooth, shiny glazes inside, and rough, organic ones outside; like a shell of an oyster perhaps. Often she will rub the glazes down, to show the bubbles inside the glaze, like the wear from being washed up on a beach.

Carys was raised in Conwy, North Wales, and she uses the colours and textures in her glazes that reflects the landscape; the red and green of the inland valleys, the greys and blues of the sea and the sky, the textures of sand, stone and granite.

She started her career as an engineer, but re-trained as a potter at Harrow (University of Westminster), graduating in 2007. She worked for Edmund de Waal for five years as a studio assistant, finally setting up her own studio in West Norwood, London, in 2011.

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