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Berni Cooper

Berni makes functional Japanese influenced stoneware and porcelain. Simplicity of form characterises her work. Her collection includes tea bowls, ramen bowls, serving bowls and dishes, small and large plates, vases and jugs. She works with white and anthracite stoneware or white porcelain. Her glazes are subtle blue or green celadons with oxides, matt glazes or layered more vibrant glazes which create a textile effect. This technique makes each piece unique with variations in colour and texture.

Berni lived in South Korea and completed the Korean Ceramics module of a Fine Arts degree at Ewha Women's University in Seoul 1990-1993. She learnt many traditional Korean ceramic techniques such as inlaid carving, slipware, sgraffito and others that have had a major influence on European ceramics. She also travelled extensively in Japan, hence it's influence on her work. 

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